by Lynne Graham First published Sort by Un matrimonio diferente (Mass Market Paperback) Lynne Graham Collection #8, Paperback, pages. The Unfaithful Wife has ratings and reviews. Mo said: I’m a little lost for words. First, he cheats on her. Repeatedly And of course, h. Es la típica historia de un matrimonio orquestado por el padre de la chica By far the worst Lynne Graham’s book I have ever read; mostly because I do not like .

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In some books, the Graham girl is a doormat; in other books she’s spunky. Leah wants love and approval so bad she does what her father wants and lets Nik treat her like dirt.

And then there’s the rape There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Our GG H finally gets the consequences of what five years of flaunting HP lady buffet samples in front of your legal wife will do when he overhears the h on the phone to her little toyboy and the H knows he is sunk. The Greek Tycoon’s Defiant Bride What kind of certificate you’re wondering?

Bibliografía: Lynne Graham

Why would he want to hang on to a wife he’d been blackmailed into marrying! In grahma of Graham’s books, the hero mistakenly thinks the heroine did something bad embezzle, blackmail, betray, sleep around, etcso he treats her like dirt. La inocencia de una esposa It’s a battle of wills and of course the redemption of our hero seals the deal with a sweet kiss.

Parte III Hace 4 semanas. The fact that this was EVER categorized as “romance” simply baffles me.

The Unfaithful Wife

The Greek Commands Matrimoio Mistress I wasn’t ready for marriage. Jun 26, Brenda rated it really liked it Shelves: I couldn’t stop reading.


In many books, the doormat grows a spine. Holy Shit, I just wrote that. The h is pretty spineless, but she does learn and grow and calcium intake has been seen to occur by the end. Graham has written better ones. Bianca, Lynn Raye Harris.

I really felt for Leah, and disliked Nik. Nik deeply resents Leah and her despicable father. La exprometida de Alessandro Santina, varada con un conocido playboy.

In Lynne’s home, there is a rich and diverse cultural mix, whichadds a whole extra dimension of interest and discovery to family life. Liah’s lonely wedding night had set the pattern for the past five years, The Marriage Mistake. Lists with This Book. This h starts out in that mold, mainly because at 17 she met the H and it was love at first sight.

Why, all of matrjmonio sudden, was he making advances to her when he had ignored her for so long? Carole MortimerJazmin. He assumed that the h was a spoilt daddy’s girl and knew all about it, but she didn’t. Ann RothJazmin.

JazminNina Harrington. A “forced-into-marriage” trope, Nik marries Leah because her father blackmailed him into it — even though he was deeply drawn to her at first sight. I’m in the castration camp. Aug 03, Missy rated it really liked it. According to him it’s not “that many” whatever that means and he’d had no partners in the last year. His declaration of true love made me want to gag.

Lynne always wanted a large family and lyne five children.

The Unfaithful Wife by Lynne Graham (2 star ratings)

I’m a fan of the suffering h, it reminded me a lot of “The Unwanted Wife”. He should have groveled even more. Many of her more recent releases are irritating — too formulaic see formula below. After the big, extended lurve club events, the H and h end up in Greece. Yes, her father blackmails him, but it really works in his favor, as at some point he admits that he sees her as waiting patiently for him and when he’s ready to settle down he need only click his fingers and come hide spoiler ] It felt like the h was a toy, and even though the H claims love.


DeseoNatalie Anderson. The heroine is predictably “melty” in that LG sorta way once the giant Greek wiener makes its appearance, but thankfully she’s smart enough not to tell Nik that she’s not really in love with the other guy and that she’s realized she loves him instead. However, for whatever reason Lynne Graham felt she needed to add more to mattimonio story.

After five years of making her suffer by being mean and hateful and being Mr. That’s a big step for a guy who recently believed it was A-oK for him to have slept around, but his neglected wife of 5 years just better be a virgin OR ELSE. The H was also started at the very bottom of the family firm at 14 and he was kept at that all through his teen years.

This book remembers me there is another book by her that has a hero like lynnee one of this story The Greek’s Chosen Wifebut the only difference is that matrimonii cheated on the heroine for 3 years more they were married but separated and never consummated their marriage, yes she was still a virgin when they reunited again.