Eldad and Medad (Modat) was a short book of lines, longer than Ephesians ( ), shorter than 2 Corinthians (). Of it we have one. Six men out of each of the twelve tribes were summoned to the Tabernacle, solemnly set apart and filled with the Spirit — but two of the men — Eldad and Medad. Two men, Eldad and Medad, however, remained behind in the camp. The Spirit rested upon them, and they prophesied in the camp. Joshua.

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Joshua’s objection to prophesying by Eldad and Medad Num. In the story as we have it in Numbers xi.

Bar-Ilan University

It was the ancient counterpart of the day of Pentecost, when the disciples met, and the Spirit came upon them as a mighty, rushing wind, and they began to speak with other tongues, as men chosen and inspired by God.

His presence was proved by the changed characters of converts more effectually than by abnormal gifts — and similarly the religious ecstasy of Eldad and Medad and their comrades was soon exchanged for their abiding spirit of wisdom and justice.

No man therefore has the right to forbid any preacher from exercising his functions on the ground that his orders are not regular, or because he has not been recognised by an Episcopate, a Presbytery, a Conference, or a Union. Christians who at one time spoke for Christ are not always to blame if they speak publicly no more. The helmsman stands impatient at the wheel, and all the sailors are alert, but not a ripple runs along the vessel’s side.

Both names are based on the root ydd”to love, be in love. Eldad and Medad were both away from the Tabernacle, somewhere in the unconsecrated camp; yet they received the same blessing which their brethren were enjoying at the door of the Tabernacle. Tanchuma says they prophesied of things that were to happen as long as forty years after, whereas the other Elders only predicted things near at hand. Retrieved December 26, from Encyclopedia. And we rejoice that some who are now outside a place of worship — outside this or that denomination — outside Christendom, do receive the Spirit who transforms them into the likeness of Christ.


Eldad and Medad – Wikipedia

When this was made known to Moses and Joshua, the latter suggested that they be restrained, but Moses answered him, “… Would that all the Lord’s merad were prophets” verses 26— Then, in the sight of all the people, the cloud descended, an them all in impenetrable mist, as a sign that the chosen men were being mysteriously baptised with the Spirit, and when again they emerged they began to prophesy.

The account given us of their appointment is singularly interesting. Judah ha-Nasi who many years after the plot against his father bore a grudge against R. He had three specially intimate friends. And so I think that those are perhaps more likely to medda right who suggest that the apocryphal Ezekiel is the source of this passage.

This is in harmony with the experience of the early Christian Church. They may have been absent from their tents when the papyrus letter was delivered, and would not be quickly found in the vast camp. What does it teach?

Like that ship the Church is wanting impulse, and we ought to be waiting for it, and praying for it. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Their matured experience may be quite as valuable as their once fervent zeal. The river which near its source noisily rushes over the pebbles, is elsad lessened in value when, full and deep, it silently glides onward to the sea. Eldad and Medad are mentioned in the Book of Numbersand are described as having prophesied among the Israelitesdespite the fact that they had eeldad in the camp, while 70 elders had gone to the tabernacle outside the camp to receive the ability to prophesy from God.

Daf Parashat Hashavua

Unfortunately, the Authorised Version gives us a phrase which is the exact opposite of the meaning of the Hebrew phrase in the twenty-fifth verse, rendering it thus, ” They prophesied, and did not cease.

The difficulty I find in acquiescing in Lightfoot’s conjecture is that I do not quite see whom Eldad and Medad would be addressing. It is a comfort to remember this when we grieve over some prodigal, who has gone beyond the reach of religious observances; who never attends worship, or reads the Bible.


The people have not been long in the wilderness—not long enough, it seems to me, to make it appropriate that they should say “we have grown old in looking for the fulfilment of the promises. This strange Midrash may have been designed to counter in advance the charge against Moses’ marriage alliance with a Cushite woman Num. Mentioned in the Former Prophets.

All this reminds us that though our power may e,dad limited by time and place, God’s power is not; though our work is contracted, His is broad. Such was he of whom Cowper sings: Views Read Edit View history. Eldad and Medad Montague Rhodes James The miraculous power given to the apostles, as evidence of their Divine commission, was not always at their disposal. Though the Israelites had been only slaves there, they would doubtless be familiar with the art of writing, for the men of that race have never yet lagged behind any people among whom they have lived.


Happily, speech is not the only mode in which men can serve God. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It is clear from the Hebrew narrative that Eldad and Medad, like their brethren at the door of the Tabernacle, did not receive an abiding gift of prophecy, but a transient sign which seemed adequate to convince the people that they had been chosen and inspired. Yet, at one and the same moment, they also were inspired while walking together, as they probably were doing, in some far-off part of the camp.

Her masts are firm, the canvas ready to be stretched, and her equipment complete. Eldad and Medad Modat was a short book of lines, longer than Ephesiansshorter than 2 Corinthians