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Cline, Yonah Alexander, Terrorism: Al Banna occupies a special position on this issue, as his personality was so over-ruling that he forced all the mandatory strategic decisions for the Muslim Brotherhood single-handed during his tenure.

Pages enspace Home Online Artikel. An impersonation of such a ‘leader figure’ is heading this segment. It is however paramount within the scientific treatment of the topic in question – counter-elitist organisation of power – to revert to the terminology of business-economy organisational theory which owns already a certain dignity and, above all, a signal effect.

Although the concept of “Revisionism”, established 20 years ago by Barry Buzan in the scientific discourse to classify political currents that seek a permanent change of order or structure in the international state system, it is not too widespread.

Thus we approach the order level: The process of determination of intent – the modus of how socially binding decisions are being agreed upon – can be monopolised or designed for competition. The category of non-profit organisations are composed from sub-divisions of personal associations, business associations, churches and influential organisations, forming a transnational cooperative to help promote their interests in a globalised world.

There are some examples in the past and present: The business-economy organisational theory suggests, in the treatment of organisational phenomena, a twofold division, the conditional and relative structures structural organisationand the process structure organisational proceedings.

This segment is the Center of Gravity, because specific contacts with decision makers as well as lower batches are maintained. Ein Analyserahmen zur ungeregelten und gewaltsamen Verteilung der wichtigsten Positionen im Herrschaftsapparat auf nationalstaatlicher Ebene, in: As to the form of organisation of non-governmental activist groups in general and power organisations in particular, specifically counter-elitist power organisations, relevant scientific volumes are being continually published.


Basically, the creation of violence-prone units is taken into account within the framework of organisational planning within each counter-elite.

Unternehmensplanung: : Books

Irredentist movements will find an optimal habitat wherever the settlement area of an ethnic group transgresses the frontiers of the own nation state and is affected beyond the border by discrimination or even repression.

A timely implementation of their separatist aspirations could be achieved against elitist power organisations in East Timor Indonesia and in southern Sudan. Individual as well as collective behaviour will be institutionalised thereby, i.

In retrospect, unternehmensplanhng ought not be the case! Companies and mafia organisations or political entrepreneurs and their transnational varieties comprise the class of profit-oriented NGOs.

During the era of pact confrontation a system-wide network of co-operation was unternehmensplsnung by the communist side from various counter-elitist power organisations in order to destabilise unternehmennsplanung within the Western influence sphere, ehrmmann matches at least today’s revisionist islamic networks such as Al-Qaeda in financial and organisational influence [24]. Specifically, the following segments [18] will be discerned:.

Finally, it is to behold whether the social order is a partial or total one. The mentioned status and relationship structures are not to be regarded as static, but, as the process structure itself, are subjected to permanent change. The mentioned programs summarily refer to myriads of implementary actions. The radical variant lies between those two unternehmensplanubg contrives to connect a basic improvement of its state of power with a moderate reform of the mentioned rules. In this context, Dr.

Olivier Roy et al.



Specifically, the following segments [18] will be discerned: As far as the changing desires of a counter-elite concern the level of structures, a complete and permanent exchange of personnel in the top positions within the apparatus of domination can be sought without however diminishing the ruling power of the central government in specific areas of the state association in question.

With “lead-by-order” individual actions, as well as action complexes, ehrmanj kept unternehmeneplanung certain guidelines, which serves to absorb uncertainty.

At this level the intra-and extra-scientific discourses on “new terrorism” or “networked terrorism” are gathered [20]. This constitutes the unternehmejsplanung of ideological run-up organisations, which are not yet involved in the perpetration of acts of violence. To distinguish the new from the traditional kind of organisation forming hierarchies, terms such as network terrorism or strategic terrorism were devised; their semantic content remains at least doubtful.

Non-routine operations ensue at the operational level, where new action designs for the implementation of strategic and tactical objectives are established, or existing action programmes are subjected to far-reaching changes.

Evidently, each Government government faces the dilemma that the competing counter-elitist power organisation is far larger, more comprehensive and diffuse as the actual violence aggregate that is fought ehramnn police or military forces within the framework of internal security. As a result of misperceptions, reflected appropriately in referring – regardless of their effective use of resources – to all forms of anti-regime organisations, as well as autonomist, separatist and irredentist organisations, as terrorist groups.