: Brzydula. Pamietnik (polish): Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. Find great deals for Very Good Hardcover Brzydula Pamietnik Kaminska Julia. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Polski: KRAKÓW, POLSKA – LISTOPAD Julia Kamińska fanami w ramach promocji swojej książki „BrzydUla pamiętnik”, które odbyło się.

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Serial, Brzydula, Aktorka, Julia Kamińska

Marek ensures Paulina that Ula will not bring them shame. Paulina renounces her friendship with Violetta. Replaced Ania as receptionist after she was promoted to be Ula’s secretary.

Ula returns the earrings to the jeweler so she can put the money towards her father’s operation. Some websites have dubbed “Majka” a spin-off of “BrzydUla,” but the single encounter between the two shows’ protagonists should just be considered a cross-over.

While Marek is out at a club with Mirabella, Aleks tells Paulina that there is a light on in Marek’s office, not knowing that the homeless Violetta has been sleeping there.

Employees ask Ula to agree to be the company’s new president. Unfortunately, Adam doesn’t give her the promised evidence against Aleks. When Ula gets home from work she discovers that Beatka has disappeared.

He uses her e-mail account to send Marek’s presentation to Aleks.


File:Julia Kamińska – Empik (2).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Pshemko is displeased by the deadline that he has been given for completion of his next collection. Brzydupa signs her new contract and Sebastian suggests that they should celebrate her success together, but she hopes to get together with Aleks instead. Piotr takes Ula on a date. Kasia Madej marked it as to-read Aug 19, Wojtek severs contact with Pshemko because of his interference with Violetta. Aleks isn’t concerned about forcing Dariusz to honor the contract because he is convinced that Marek won’t kamuska able to secure the release of the materials.

Ula, against the advice of Maciek and Ala, agrees to meet with Marek. Marek apologizes to Aleks for his past transgressions.

Aleks convinces Marek to meet the Italian investors who intend to take over the company’s debts. Violetta juliia the ultrasound exam and learns that she is not pregnant after all. He wants to show her evidence that Aleks seeks to take over the company. Pinterest, the real music lovers of 7https: Jasiek assures Kinga that he is only interested in making a little money and having and adventure.

Violetta asks Ula to allow Sebastian to come back to the company. Marek refuses, at first, but he changes his mind after he sees that Ula has already done most of his work for him. Aleks tries to keep Ela from returning, so Ula intervenes with Marek on Ela’s behalf.

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Ula doesn’t realize that by agreeing to Aleks’s terms she will be harming Marek. Piotr waits for Ula’s decision, but she is absorbed in working on a new collection, with Marek’s help. Ula tries to convince Krzysztof that Aleks’s actions will harm the company.

File:Julia Kamińska – Empik 2009-11-07 (6).jpg

Paulina wants to ask Ula questions about the affair she knows Marek is involved in. Marek tries to talk Ula into returning to the company. Maciek learns from Ula that Violetta is pregnant, so he thinks that he is the father.

Just then, the door opens and Marek walks in. Ula tells Marek that they can make some much-needed money by selling one of Pshemko’s old collections, but Pshemko refuses to allow that.

Instead, Pamignik brings Ula home, then he goes inside and spends some time with her and her family. Aleks dismisses Sebastian, but Marek is unable to reinstate him. Basia rated it liked it Jun 09, The end of Ula and Violetta’s trial period approaches, so Marek tells Sebastian to refrain from renewing Ula’s contract.